«Our Depth of Experience is Our Greatest Strength»

About Us

Our Establishment:


Prior to 1979, Port Contractors Limited (a private company which administered cargo handling operations at the Bridgetown Port), shipping agents and stevedore contractors formed the Shipping Group of the Barbados Employers’ Confederation. On the initiative of two founding members, the decision was taken to form The Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB) and that organisation became effective 1 January 1981.


Our Objectives:


The SAB seeks, among other things, to provide consultation between members; to ascertain their views on matters of common interest; to collect and circulate statistical and other information relating to the shipping industry; and to co-operate with or be a member of any organisation, either national or international, whose objects are consistent with those of the SAB.

To achieve its objectives, the SAB maintains a Secretariat located in Bridgetown to provide administrative support for the activities of the Committee of Management, the Association’s Managing Body. The Secretariat of the SAB consists of 5 persons and is headed  by its Executive Vice President. In his absence the Executive Secretary  has that responsibility.