«Our Depth of Experience is Our Greatest Strength»

Our Members


Membership of the SAB is made up of ships’ agents and stevedoring companies, who meet from time to time, to discuss common issues, share information on new technology, and analyse trends in the marketplace.

Additionally, members must be "bona fide registered ships' agents and / or stevedore contractors operating in Barbados and wholly owned and controlled by persons who are citizens or permanent residents, provided that nothing contained in this sub-clause shall prejudice the right of existing members to be a member of the Association", quoting directly from the SAB's Objects, Constitution, Rules and Conditions of Membership. 


The SAB is managed by a Committee of Management elected by the general body at its Annual General Meeting. The Members of the current Committee of Management are:

President - Scott Veira, Managing Director, Robulk Agencies Inc.
Vice-President - Erica Luke, Managing Director, Eric Hassell Shipping Ltd.
Trustee - Marc Sampson, Managing Director, Windward Agencies Ltd.   
Trustee - Arlin Kellman, Manager, Massy Trading Ltd.
Member - David Harding MBE, Chairman & Managing Director, Cargo Master (Barbados) Ltd.  
Member - Kevyn Yearwood, Managing Director, Platinum Port Agency Inc.
Member - David Smith, Director, Massy Trading Ltd.
Immediate Past President - Michael Thornhill, General Manager - Marine Services, Goddards Shipping (Barbados) Ltd.

The SAB is a member of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA), a multi-national body formed in 1971 which has been accepted by governments and multi-lateral organizations as the representative voice of shipping in the Caribbean. Under the CSA’s umbrella, the SAB enjoys automatic links with the French, Spanish and Dutch speaking Caribbean, three of the four major language groups embraced by the CSA. The benefits which the SAB derives through its links with the CSA include training, research and representation at government and Caricom Secretariat level. 

The members of the SAB also benefit from attendance at the twice-yearly conferences mounted by the CSA for its members.  These conferences, namely, the Shipping Executives Conference which is held in May and the CSA’s Annual General Meeting, which takes place in October of each year, provide members with a unique opportunity to exchange views, formally and informally, and to develop invaluable business contacts.